To conduct business based on the philosophy of enhancing the quality of life of the Sri Lankan people by providing high-quality products and services.

                                      To become, and maintain our position, as one of the leading companies supplying high-tech products and services particularly in the areas of telecommunication, power, aerospace and medical engineering.

Infotechs is a technological powerhouse with a diverse and comprehensive portfolio of services and interests catering to governments, institutions and technological service providers. Since its inception, more than 41 years ago, Infotechs has continuously been a catalyst in promoting socio-economic development as a provider of products and solutions to both public and private sector institutions. It is also involved in creating, developing and supporting new technologies and services furthering its vision to transform Sri Lanka into a globally recognized socio-economic hub, a dream that is now a reality in the making.

We believe in
Integrity and accountability have always been an integral part of our way of doing business. We know that our success rests on our ability to listen to our customers and employees. Through time, this has been decisive factor’s in developing and maintaining Infotechs as dynamic and profitable company

As a modern corporation we take our responsibilities serious and we feel responsible to:

Our suppliers - We expect that our direct suppliers meet our quality, social, environmental and business ethical standards

Our employees – We place great emphasis on creating and maintaining a welcoming and inspirational working environment that provides our employees with the optimum conditions. Respect & responsibility, cooperation and excellence are key values that we seek to encourage from all our employees. We view our business from a holistic perspective, and we know that we must reconcile all aspects of the business cycle to create continuous, profitable synergies.

To society - We engage in dialogue with our community and we provide sponsorships to various causes in our local community. It is central to us that we play an active part in promoting socio-economic development within the country.