Infotechs Aerospace has been one of the leading providers of aviation solutions in Sri Lanka and The Maldives for more than two decades. In this period, we have served the Sri Lankan Air Force with integrated support solutions ranging from military aircrafts, navigation systems and direction finders to defense communication systems. Concurrently, Infotechs Aerospace has also been promoting helicopter transportation in the civilian segment in Sri Lanka and The Maldives.

• Cessna Aircraft Company (USA)

• Fixed wing aircraft
• Aerial fire fighting equipment and consumables
• Point to multi-point communication networks
• Coordination of the maintenance and pool exchange for aircrafts and engines
• VHF/UHF/GMDSS Radio Communication Equipment for land and marine use

In addition Infotechs closely coordinates technical assistance, recognition awards for high safety and accident free standards, warranty administration, pilot engineer & technician training programs for clients in order to help maintain peak operating conditions as well as maximum serviceability/complete mission capability levels.

The company is responsible for initiating an extensive number of recurrent programs bi-annually and also in establishing a firm quality policy to ensure the procurement of genuine FAA certified spare parts and accessories from the aircraft manufacturers and their authorized distributor network.

Tel: +94 11 2581529     Fax: +94 11 2584644     E-mail: dilini@infotechs.lk