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A division that has managed to surpass all its competition to maintain market dominance and a steady growth rate, Infotechs Power has also established itself as the local market leader for the supply of equipment vital to the operations of Sri Lanka's main electricity regulators; The Lanka Electricity Company (LECO) and the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB).

Being an active contributor to the local energy sector for over twenty five years, the company's entry into the power distribution market segment was initially with Raychem (Now known as Raychem RPG) for whom the division is the exclusive supplier in Sri Lanka.

In addition, the division has a significant history partnering with the globally reputed companies in the energy industry related equipment, solutions & support systems.

The Infotechs Power Division believes that its mission in correlation to the company's vision is to contribute to the development of economic and social infrastructure in Sri Lanka by supplying products of excellent quality and providing services at the highest levels of efficiency. In pursuance of our mission, we have identified development projects in the key areas of the country and have successfully promoted products and services of internationally reputed companies that we represent in Sri Lanka.

“The key to our phenomenal success has been the proactive after-market support we provide our customers and the initiative taken to encourage the transfer of knowledge between the manufacturer and the customer. This close cooperation and understanding fostered between the manufacturer and the customer has paved the way for the introduction of remote communication and operation of auto reclosers and Load Break Switches to both LECO and CEB and also the supply of wide range of products to our customers and turnkey contractors.

• Schneider Electric Company
• Tyco Electronics Reychem GMBH
• SICAMEX France
• ADC Communications, Australia
• Nulec Schneider Electric Company, Australia
• A.K. Power Solutions, Australia

• Training on Nulec Autorecloser and Load break switch product range.
• Fault Analysis & Repair of Nulec range of products.
• On site training and installation support.

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